Who Knew Concrete Painting Could Be So Fun?

When you think of concrete, you probably think of dry, grey and boring walls and floors. But why? For most of us that’s just the way we grew up seeing concrete, even though there is so much more you can do with it. So, it’s time to break out the paintbrushes, grab some concrete paint and have some fun!

Brighten up your property with murals

There was a trend that took over the world a while back, and now’s the time to bring it back: There were loads of dull concrete walls along busy roads that people hated looking at, but some saw an opportunity. These creative souls came in with their concrete paint and starting painting murals all along these boring walls, turning them into colourful art pieces for motorists to enjoy.

Perhaps one of the most famous cases of this type of art is that on the Berlin Wall. In the sections where the wall is still standing you can enjoy some art along with the colourful history of that place and time.

Turn your floors into a playground

Most of us have some cement flooring somewhere in our homes, even if it’s just in the garage. Instead of only using this space for storage and housing the cars where nobody will ever look around, a touch of concrete floor paint can make this a fun room for the kids.

If you paint roads onto the floor, or any sort of scenery that appeals to your young ones and fits with their favourite playthings, your garage floor can turn into something new. Now, instead of a dull grey floor your concrete floor paint has built a kingdom of fun (as well as getting the kids away from the TV).

Give your driveway/walkways a theme

In the same way some concrete floor paint can transform your garage, some paving paint can do the same for your boring old driveway. Most of us leave our driveways to just be a pathway into the yard, letting them grower uglier over time. But this could be your very own Yellow Brick Road!

It doesn’t have to replicate the Wizard of Oz’s pathway, but you get the idea. You can add a splash of paving paint to your driveway to give it a whole new look that fits with the colour scheme of your house or that of your garden, making your whole property look much more attractive. Now who would say no to that? And, even better, specially formulated paving paints like Terrafirma will also protect your paving against the sun and provide a safe anti-slip surface.

How do you get started?

Find a concrete paint supplier. It’s as easy as that. So get out there and make the world a brighter place!