What to Consider When Hiring Plumbers

There are many things we should consider when thinking about hiring a plumber for a house.  We may not realize it, but these are things that can help you make a great hiring decision you won’t regret.  Many of us spend days and hours searching through websites trying to find the plumber of our tastes. Consider some of these major factors when hiring your next plumber to repair your pipes in your home.

Response time

We can all admit it’s never fun waiting for any contractor to reach your home.  It can seem like hours until they get to your house. When you call any plumber to fix the pipes under your sink, make sure to ask about arrival time.  This way you’re not sitting around waiting for hours and no one shows up. Lock a time with your plumber that you both can agree on and works with your schedule. If you are suffering an emergency, it’s important to know when the plumber will arrive. If their response time is delayed, this makes any relationship get off to a bad start.


Most plumbers visit your home and after the evaluation give you a free estimate.  This paperwork gives you the total cost for repair and often how long it will take. If you have questions about the quote or the estimate, make sure you ask questions.  Never hire any plumber where you have not read their entire estimate. It also doesn’t hurt to find out how flexible they are with prices. Quotes are essential in helping any homeowner decide on which plumber to hire.  Never hire any plumber because they have given you the lowest bid. Your goal is to make sure they are qualified to do the job and are giving you a competitive price. Any plumber who says they can give you with a huge discount could be a red flag.


The reputation of a plumber is important when you’re thinking about hiring.  Try to find plumbing professionals who stand out within the community and are in high demand.  Run a background search and find out which plumbers keep their licenses current and have all insurance paperwork intact. Most times a plumber’s website will list the number awards they’ve won within the industry and years of experience.  Websites are great to read, but make sure you call the plumbing business to verify all information on the site. Many plumbers with websites also include former client’s testimonies talking about their workmanship. Take the time to watch these videos and hear what other clients say about the plumber’s services. You can find any plumbing chicago il services online.

Use these basic things to help you make a better decision when hiring a plumber.  Their response time should not be longer than an hour, especially if you’re experiencing an emergency. Ask about price quotes and make sure the estimate is accurate.  Finally, find the plumber that has the best reputation nearby or among your personal network.