Welcome to A New Year of Landscaping Opportunities

  • Do you want to create a vertical urban garden in a confined space?
  • Do you yearn for a zen garden in 2018?
  • Are you planning a new outdoor entertaining or dining space?
  • Has your family outgrown the previous layout and features of the garden?
  • Are you tempted to add water features and wish to highlight them with stunning landscaping materials?
  • Do you need to screen off the shed, garage, composting and bin areas but aren’t sure how to achieve this on a modest budget?

The Answer Is Simple

It is time to visit your local garden centre.

The leading brand names, the finest quality products, natural landscaping materials and manufactured options are waiting for you to choose them to restore your domestic or commercial exterior space’s allure ready for 2018 and beyond.

Your exterior should be a space which you crave to be in whatever the season so please don’t think of your outdoor room as bereft of charm and purpose in the cooler months of the year, something to be neglected until spring. Why not create a shelter, install a fire pit or patio heaters and establish it, large or small, as a versatile and comfortable all year space?

Enjoy the variety of landscaping materials combinations, applications and the kerb appeal they offer.

• Gravel.
• Driveway chippings.
• Pebbles.
• Setts.
• Concrete paving.
• Natural paving:
• Clay.
• Granite.
• Indian sandstone.
• Limestone.
• Porcelain.
• Slate.
• Travertine and marble.
• Yorkstone.
• Landscaping bark.
• Fencing.
• Sleepers.
• Artificial lawn.

Even the exchange of one of these for another could transform a forsaken spot in to a vibrant one.

Functionality and aesthetics

Whether your design scheme is traditional, contemporary, themed or reflective of your unique tastes it must be appealing, meet budget requirements and be fit for purpose. As we are not all landscaping materials experts, please discuss your needs with specialists who know their products and the suitability for your needs well.

For example, using Moonstone Gravel, a Berkshire flint product instead of the crumblier Cotswold Chippings makes good sense in a driveway or path situation and as White Dolomite is prone to algae it is better to use it away from water features and high moisture areas.

Gravel offers exceptional drainage qualities which some landscaping materials won’t. Landscaping supplies experts appreciate that the heating indoors, particularly in urban areas, affects outdoors moisture evaporation levels and they know the different attributes of impervious and porous materials. Puddles appear on impervious landscaping materials and could hamper accessibility.

Landscaping supplies specialists are happy to help so please speak to professionals before you spend any money. The outstanding team at Rivar Sand and Gravel, based in Newbury, Tadley and Windlesham will tell you about any ancillary products which will enhance your landscaping materials performance, for example, weed membranes, gravel path and driveway frameworks like Core Drive and Core Path.

They also stock topsoil, sharp sand and aggregates; and for a complete experience why not take advantage of the delivery services offered by the landscaping supplies experts?