Uses for SupaWood

SupaWood is a quality engineered Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) manufactured by PG Bison.MDF is a kind of particleboard that is made from wood waste (specifically the fibres) that is glued together using heat, resin and pressure.

Although MDF is widely produced and distributed by a number of companies, SupaWood adheres to a long list of SABS standards, to ensure the absolute best quality to the market.

Manufactured in thicknesses ranging between 3mm and 30mm and supplied in board sheets of 2750 x 1830mm it is easy to find a thickness and break the boards to size – making it perfect for a variety of applications.

SupaWood is a great material to machine because the cuts made leave a smooth finish. It is also an ideal material to wrap with high gloss PVC or to be spray-painted. Combine this with its screw holding capabilities and it is hard to find an application where SupaWood shouldn’t be used. Its only nemesis is water – never use it outdoors or in places where the product will be exposed to water, unless it is sufficiently protected.

SupaWood is widely used for domestic and commercial purposes. Built-in cupboard installers use the thinner sheets, such as 3mm and 6mm, mostly as backings on carcasses – stapled or nailed in place.

The 9mm and 12mm thicknesses make great backings for wall hanging cupboards. It is light and cost effective, yet strong enough to hold the cupboards anchored to walls. It is also perfect for use in jigs and templates in woodworking and other form building applications. You will find it being used in the boat, caravan and trailer building industry where being lightweight and strong is of upmost importance.

The commonly used 16mm is often used in the construction of cabinets where it is moulded by manual or CNC labour and finished with a wrap or spray paint.

Note: It is extremely important to wear respiratory protection when cutting or moulding SupaWood to prevent the tiny fibres from entering the lungs.