Tips And How To Choose Natural Stone For House Walls

Sorting and choosing natural stones before we buy and also installing natural stone for wall or for house or floor is one of the obligatory things or the first step that we must do before installing or buying natural stone in natural stone seller, many ways that need to be paid attention before we buy natural stone to apply or in pairs pad our house.

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There are several easy and practical ways for us in determining the selection of natural stone that is appropriate or in accordance with our wishes without ruling out the accuracy of the functions and benefits of the natural stone itself such as the function of strength, beauty, and harmony with the environment itself.

It would be nice if you come directly to the showroom or stall seller natural stone directly, in addition to more reliable and guaranteed also we can ask for advice and advice directly, besides that we can see directly the natural stone that we will buy and not just just see on the screen or picture only, in addition to many also in the choice of choice of natural stone and can also ask for advice in his election appropriately.

Some ways in choosing and determining natural stones that we will buy and we install are:

  1. Attention to the Nature of Stone

Natural stone is sold by pelapak or seller of natural stone of course has a variety of options and types of natural stone, many types of natural stone are sold premises with different characteristics as well, the naked eye is indeed natural stone as we desire is to be an option but do not be mistaken we also must pay attention to the nature of the stone itself, whether resistant to weather or not, whether suitable to be installed in the interior of the house or for the exterior of the house, besides the future maintenance costs also need to be considered.

In choosing the stone also need to note the nature of the stone is solid or non solid, nonsolid stone is usually only for the interior only while solid stone can be used for exterior and interior.

Stone Solid

Rock Type of solid has a hard texture and solid and not easily broken, rocks of this type does not absorb water because it has no large pores, besides the benefits of solid stone that is not easily mossy so it is suitable for the pairs on the exterior such as wall fence and also garage

Examples of solid rock or igneous metamorphic rocks are Andesite rock types, pacitoroso stones and types, other types of rocks that have hard and solid characters.

Non Solid Stones

While non-solid stone is more suitable to be installed or applied only to the interior only, nonsolid stone usually has a soft character, soft sometimes porous and easily broken, in general its non-solid colored rocks such as crystal type jogja and also palimanan stone so very suitable for home interior applications.

  1. Customize With Style And Model Houses

Selection of natural stone is supposed to be in accordance with the model or style of the house itself, Untu model of a minimalist style house should use a stone that has a plain color texture and also calm so that it can harmonize with the building style, the stone is suitable for the minimalist model of the type of stone andesit, purwakarta and its like.

Installation of natural stone that has a neat pattern and and arranged with various patterns such as betel betel stones is actually very suitable for the application on the home with the type or type of minimalism.

As for the building or house classical european style or meditrania should use a type of natural stone that semiformal or elegant examples of suitable stone of the type of stone pacitoroso, palimanan stone and jasque stone jogja,

For tropical-style houses or buildings should use flexible natural stone or use the installation of natural stone is flexible, for example, natural stone suitable for tropical-style house that is andesite, purwakarta and others, its mounting model can be used with a random model or style or pattern of cowboy bandung with the pattern of choosing a stone that is calm and slightly darker.

For houses that have a traditional style should use the type of split rock, random rocks or templek type rock and or it could be with the type of rock or flat RTA Nature.

3.Consider Materials Used

In addition to natural stone materials other materials that support the natural stone that needs to be considered such as mortar and cement, coating and also other supporting ornaments.

Currently, there is already special materials or cement to install natural stone even though it has a higher price but maximum adhesive quality of course, if you use cement and regular sand then the right composition to make a mortar or dough that is with the composition of 1: 3.

The use of natural stone coating is to protect the natural stone from the attack of fungi, mosses and also dust, but it also can lead to the characteristics of natural stone, natural stone will look more prominent texture.

  1. Creative And Produce

Installing natural stone we must be keratif by making a model or a particular pattern or also by combining or combining several models and types of natural stone in a model or a charm.

Because of the beauty that we get from natural stone not only from the type or natural stone itself but from the way, the model and also how to install it as well, the installation of natural stone with creative ideas daat produce beautiful natural stone installation and also elegant.

If we are going to install and buy natural stone it would be nice we use the tips above to be able to install natural stone with good quality with the price to suit your pocket.