Setting Personal Challenges to Help Stay Motivated When Trying to Lose Weight

Keeping our motivation to lose weight alive is never easy. We often become bored with the constant
calorie counting, the grueling exercise and workout regimes and also the battle
with our willpower to resist delicious temptations, plus more challenges for Zero
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that are beneficial to the environment around you.

One way of helping to keep
the motivation to lose weight alive is to set ourselves a series of challenges.
Because we are looking forward and excited about the prospect of the problem of
a change in our diet and lifestyle, we are full of enthusiasm.

We know that it will not be
easy and there will be many obstacles and hurdles along the way, but we have
the confidence to meet any challenges to reach our goal. Problems begin to
arise once the initial excitement and enthusiasm begin to subside. For some of
us, this may be a few weeks after we start, for others, it may be a few months
into our diet. This is when we begin to feel irritated and frustrated, mainly
if we have made little or no progress towards our goal.

To stay motivated to lose
weight, we need to maintain the same keen anticipation towards the challenges
that we had initially when we began our diet and lifestyle programme. To fuel
our anticipation and enthusiasm, we need to keep pushing ourselves to higher
and higher levels of achievement in various aspects of our weight loss regime,
not necessarily concentrating on weight loss alone.

We cannot fully control or
judge how much weight or inches we may lose over a while as many different
factors can cause fluctuations and stagnation. Ideally, we should try to focus
our challenges on aspects of our diet and lifestyle that we can fully regulate
and control. We could challenge ourselves to extend our workout by an extra 10
minutes or more per session. How about challenging ourselves to eat more fruit
and vegetables and drink more water? We could challenge ourselves to walk or
jog that extra mile or swim that extra couple of circuits of the pool.

We should attempt to think up
fun challenges for every day. They do not have to be substantial daunting
challenges. We can make a balanced mix of big and small problems which we can
fit easily into our daily routine. Smaller trials help us to achieve a
fulfilling sense of achievement and satisfaction, while more significant more
ambitious challenges make us push ourselves that little bit harder to reach our

Keeping motivated to lose
weight is dependent on our attitude and nothing more. If we can maintain the
passion, inspiration, and enthusiasm for our goals, we will feel like we can go
from strength to strength, ultimately resulting in success in our ambitions and
challenges. Before we know it, we will have reached or even exceeded our weight
loss goal. When we have reached our goal, we should still keep challenging
ourselves to help maintain a constant weight and preventing our weight
fluctuating or also returning.