Possible Problems for Exterior Doors in All Seasons

Whether it’s time for icy winters or hot summers, exterior doors are always required to give their 100{65781b2ccaf0afe6527c5b852f44b84c61c3d4b294f7722209ded24b0204f3c5} in maintaining comfort, efficiency and ensuring performance. Owners usually don’t pay much attention on this aspect nor do they have enough knowledge to understand the impact. According to Windows Doors Mart, the most visible impact is rising energy bills that may either because of increased heating or cooling consumption. Even, damaged seals or weather stripping also cause drafts or leakage in the home.

What most of the people do not realize is that inefficient exterior doors are the biggest reason of energy loss and cause discomfort even after using HVAC systems. Whether it’s back doors, sliding patio doors, front entrance doors or garden doors, it’s crucial to know if the component can handle different climatic conditions or not. For this, let’s have a brief discussion:

Flooding and Rain during the Spring

When it’s spring, it’s quite refreshing to welcome a relaxing season after extreme winter. It doesn’t matter if the door has survived winter, it is intended to withstand heavy rainfall as well. Yes, the component should be resistant to moisture so that the combination of rain and gusty window could not affect its shape and performance. When moisture settles on the frame and door, it softens the structure, thus causing rotting, bowing, bending, cracking and warping. On the contrary, fiberglass and steel doors are quite durable and can easily work in harsh spring.

Bugs and Heat during the Summer

After the rainy season is over and the sun starts to shine, it’s high time to go back and check exterior doors as there are still some chances of damages. When sunlight becomes intense, the heat and moisture take over the charge and cause splits and cracks. Summer usually bring another problem of bugs that increases with the passage of time. Homeowners are suggested to tighten the seals and restrict unwanted guests from entering through gaps and cracks. Normally, steel and fiberglass doors are the better choices available.

Changing Temperature during the Fall

When the temperature fluctuates in the fall season, exterior doors are prone to more problems than usual. For instance, when there is moisture on the doors and temperature changes significantly, chances are high that it may freeze the parts, causing the areas to buckle and expand.

Cold Drafts during the Winter

When it’s time for cold winter drafts, nothing could be as important as having the HVAC system at service. Since exterior doors are responsible to work as a barrier between interior and outside world, their materials and construction should be efficient enough to ensure warmth and comfort. However, when the component gets worn, old and weathered, its efficiency to restrict wintery drafts would decrease. In such situation, there is no better option than door replacement.

Upgrade to Fiberglass or Steel Doors

Considering the above situations, Windows Doors Mart suggests to go for door replacement and choose steel or fiberglass doors in order to ensure satisfaction in every season or weather. Rest assured, both options have proven significant impact over home’s overall performance, meaning that homeowners can have better services at reasonable expenses.