Match your new Formica® Lifeseal® Worktops to your shop fitting

Your shop front is crucial to the way you use a commercial space and the effectiveness of your visual merchandising. Truth is, if your shop looks shoddy people will assume the same of whatever it is you are selling, whether it be a product or providing a service. People do judge books by their covers and shops by their shop fitting, so make sure you kit your business out with a good one.

There are certain rules when it comes to what “works” and what doesn’t from an interior design perspective. However, you should not be afraid of breaking these rules as this is after all how new trends are discovered. Here are some tips on ways you can adhere to or break these rules as a way of making your Formica® colours work for you and have the customers streaming in.

Light colours

White as an interior design colour is rare. I know you are thinking “but everyone has white walls.” This isn’t true, because when something is white it is usually a variation of off-white like beige, cream or ivory. These colour do not have a clinically white appearance, which may be associated with hospital wards.  The Folk stone Grey and White Myriad Formica®LifeSeal Worktops are light colours that prove pure white is not the way to get the effect of a light colour. The tonal value added by the Folk stone Grey and White Myriad Formica® LifeSeal Worktops adds light without making the space look washed out.

Dark colours

The use of dark colours for your shop fitting may seem intimidating as it can easily turn our badly if the colours are not used correctly. However, when used properly it can add an unmatched air of sophistication to a space and turn ordinary shop fitting into a glamorous distributor almost instantly. You can easily give it accents of colour and make your products stand out from the dark backgrounds. Choose from a number of Formica® colours for your shop fittings. The merchandise will be virtually jumping off of the shelves.


This is the epitome of class when it comes to shop fittings. A wood finish on a surface makes it look instantly expensive and classic. The only problem is they will need replacing as often as every two years, depending on the conditions of the space. With PG Bison’s Formica®LifeSeal Worktops you get the best of both worlds: the look of real wood and the durability of Formica®LifeSeal Worktops.

Discover the ways in which PG Bison can turn your space from ordinary into extraordinary with a selection of Formica® colours and multiple products to choose from.