Improve a Healthcare Facility’s Recovery Efforts Following an Emergency Water Event

Hospital officials and nursing home administers are responsible for the safety and welfare of the many vulnerable patients in their care on any given day. If an emergency water damage event occurs, there is another way that hospitals and other healthcare facilities can drastically improve their structure’s recovery efforts. DKI Services has been in the water restoration and cleanup business for many years. Those working inside of a healthcare institute must have precise training with the accompanying certifications in industry safety policies and infectious disease protocols determined by national and state healthcare organizations like OSHA.

The contractors working for DKI Services must complete this type of additional training before they are able to work in this company’s elite healthcare emergency team. These professionals are highly adept in all of the latest water restoration processes and have the benefit of utilizing innovative equipment. Large vacuums with HEPA filters can vacuum up water much faster than other carpet or floor vacuums or shop vacs. This gives anything that became wet a better drying out scenario. The water remediation specialists found through DKI Services work tirelessly to reverse the water damage and causes in each individual healthcare setting.

Safety on the job is a real challenge for healthcare leaders when a significant amount of property is damaged following storm flooding, broken water lines, sewer backup events and other water related crises seen in hospitals and other healthcare facilities all over the country. By choosing DKI to cleanup your healthcare building, healthcare business leaders can continue to operate as usual knowing that they have experienced restoration experts working to fix the water problem. These workers are able to quickly make a temporary barrier wall that protects the rest of the facility from cross contamination from the work site.

More healthcare organizations are discovering the huge benefits that hiring these elite DKI water remediation specialists can give. Hospital maintenance workers have other maintenance duties, and other staff members are caring for their patients. Bringing in an outside water damage contractor frees the staff to perform their normal duties. DKI contractors can point out potential future problems, inspect for mold and mildew and give recommendations to the charge person. These experts even are able to perform some construction repair duties if desired. Visit for damage restoration for healthcare facts. Call 888-502-4795 today.