How to get your deck summer-ready

Cold drink, check. Sunglasses, check. Sunscreen, check. You’re definitely ready for summer, but is your deck? Give your patio some tender love and care so you can enjoy it in all its glory this summer. Here are some things you can do to get your deck looking its best for this summer and through to the next.

Clean it regularly

Seeing as your deck is space you are often using, especially in summer, it should be cleaned as often as any other space you use in your home. If left for long periods you run the risk of the wood being stained by substances that have been still long enough to draw into the wood. If you keep potted plants on your deck be sure to place something underneath them to avoid staining the wood with runoff water and soil.

Consider a biocide

The wood of your deck is susceptible to beasties like the growth of bacteria, algae, yeasts and fungi. This is especially a danger in humid conditions which the summer months tend to bring. You can treat your wood with a biocide to ensure that the growth of these substances is not an issue and you can enjoy your deck free of unwelcome growths. This should be available from any good quality paint suppliers.

Treat railings

If you have wooden railings they can be treated and sealed the same way as the rest of the wood of the deck. However, many applications make use of metal railings which are still part of your deck and their maintenance should not be ignored. Ask your paint suppliers for a metal primer with anti-corrosive properties so your railings last as long as the deck does.

Invest in a quality sealant

Water is the enemy, at least when trying to keep a deck looking spiffy for summer. Water causes wood to rot, so to avoid this you need to make use of a sealant that will ensure the wood is protected from rain and the sun.

A new deck needs to be sealed well to ensure its longevity. Even existing decks should be resealed every two to three years for proper maintenance. AquaSeal is an acrylic waterproofing system with a geo-fabric non-woven membrane that can be applied in three to five coats. It is highly waterproof, even keeping out ponding water. It is also UV resistant to stop the colour of the wood fading.

Get your deck as summer ready as you are and enjoy soaking up some sun!