How to choose your laminate flooring

When revamping any interior space you may think the colour of the walls or your curtain choice will prove to have the biggest impact. You would be wrong; they would make a difference but any renovation project should start from the floor up. Choosing the wood laminate flooring that your space requires can be difficult, so here are some things to consider before you buy.

What is laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring consists of laminate that has been fused together in multiple layers to create a flexible but sturdy flooring result. Wood laminate flooring is usually made up of four to five layers and topped with a layer made to resist scratches and moisture damage. The middle layer is usually made from a high-density fibre board and a melamine bottom layer set to the ground with resin.


When compared to the price of stone, tile or hardwood floors, laminate is a clear winner. Laminate is the most cost effective option when choosing a floor that will last and look just as good as the other options available. It is easy to maintain without the use of costly cleaning products and wood treatments.


Wood laminate flooring requires very little maintenance to keep it looking as beautiful as the day it was installed. There are some tips for best practice to ensure the longevity of your new laminate flooring. Do not let water pool or sit on the flooring, so be sure to clean up spills immediately and take precautions like a mat for things like pets’ water bowls on the floor.

Do not use a shine product as this can result in a waxy build up that is difficult to remove. You could possibly damage the laminate in an attempt to remove this build up. If this should occur, use ice to solidify the build-up and carefully scrape it off with a credit card.


The great thing about choosing wood laminate flooring is you can choose the colour and finish you prefer. If you prefer a warmer coloured wood with a faint grain then you shall have it. If you want a dark wood with a deep set grain, it will be installed for you.


You should have your wood laminate flooring installed by trained professionals to ensure its longevity. No matter what the base is our installers can create a new laminate floor on tiles, linoleum and even concrete. If you are after a cost-effective, eco-friendly and low maintenance alternative to hardwood floors, look no further. We have wood laminate flooring for sale, including installation services.