Floors in Winnipeg: Trends to Watch Out For

Whether people are building a house or remodeling their existing homes, these flooring trends are worth checking. Recent years have seen the flooring industry developing existing materials and designs into more aesthetically pleasing, more sustainable, and more durable options. That is why no matter the style, price point, reason, or location of the installation, some options will be a good fit for the property. Let us take a closer look at some of these options.

Fumed wood

Usually, when people stain wood floors, they attempt to give the surface a uniform look while highlighting its grain. But recently, people might have seen wood floors that look as if it has been stained (from medium to dark brown) but has a lighter blonde on its grain.

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It is a high-fashion, and new trend in the industry called fuming. To achieve this look, the wood is exposed to ammonia fumes in sealed chambers. The ammonia will react with lumber fibers, which usually imbues the lumber with a rich and dark tone. But the final outcome of the coloring will depend on various factors. The most important factors are the grain pattern and the density of the wood.

Because of this, a single board can have different colors depending on how the fibers throughout the length of the material react with the ammonia. The outcome of this variance is a unique stained wood that looks more natural since no two fumed boards look the same.

Waterproof and water-resistant

It is one of the latest trends that will last for many years. Waterproof and water-resistant floors are the perfect answer for large families, property owners who enjoy having guests around, as well as people with cats or dogs. Waterproof flooring options include laminate, vinyl, and carpet. For instance, Wood Plastic Composite or WPC is a vinyl floor option that is 100{65701a64e34fee63e44827e2f0505761109bf67fbc4687adc4a9efbe97171754} water-resistant and waterproof.

What are WPCs? Check out https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/materials-science/wood-plastic-composite to know more.

People can also choose premium vinyl laminates with a Stone Plastic Composite core, which is more durable and rigid compared to Wood Plastic Composite. It means that property owners can have an authentic wooden floor look in areas of the house that deal with water, like the bathroom or the mudroom. There are also waterproof carpets that you can use.

Wide and long

The aesthetic of flooring has always been smaller portions of flooring materials repeated of surfaces. Usually, when buying tiling as an option, people could pick from different sizes, from 12×12, 8×8, 6×6, 4×6, or 4×4. In the past, even when picking a big option like 12×12, it still meant a lot of tiles to cover an average space. But today, trends are challenging this notion.

Recently, property owners, as well as builders, seem to believe that bigger is better, installing wall and floor tiles that run from one to two feet wide to three or four feet long – sometimes, even larger. The reason for these beg tiles is because it has a cleaner look compared to traditional tiles.

It provides a more modern look. Not only that, it comes with a practical aspect. Bigger tiles mean fewer parts to fill a room. There are also fewer grout joints that can interrupt the surface. Homeowners will not have to worry about keeping it clean in the long run.


Modern floors in Winnipeg are all about creating different looks and options that work best in different situations. Planking and tiling, do not have to be uniform to be stylish or chic. In the past, people who worked with wood used mixed-width flooring to utilize as much cut off the tree as possible, as well as not put any lumber to waste.

But when used in houses, different sized panels can create an authentic feel in spaces and unique patterns. Homeowners can choose to use both longer and wider boards in particular rooms while offsetting side rooms or smaller nooks with narrower boards. They can also mix different cuts in the same space to help suit their style.

Blanched and bleached

There is nothing more beautiful in a refined home than hardwood floors. It is a classic style that is still used even in today’s modern houses. These things are usually used in all types of buildings, both residential and commercial. But there are more options today than ever before for people wishing to use hardwood floors.

In the past, these materials have traditionally been either light honey, medium brown, or dark brown in color. However, a couple of years ago, things started to change. Gray tones started to become popular and began popping up. But today’s trends are pulling color schemes in slightly different directions.