Five Amazing Upgrades for Your Bathroom

Are you thinking of ways to spice up your bathroom space? While most people overlook the importance of bathroom renovations, it is an area that need routine maintenance. With a variety of options, you can improve your bathroom by polishing surfaces, adding or replacing some fixtures. Below are ways you can spruce up your bathroom on a budget.

Change the Lighting

Does the fluorescent tube produce too much glare in your bathroom? It’s time to change to favorable light fixtures and improve the space. Your bathroom lighting can improve with more than the single ceiling bulb that lights the whole area. Think of adding wall lights at different levels to create light layers.

Additionally, a colored light chandelier can work well with small and large bathrooms, improving the appearance. You can add a little touch of style at the countertop by placing an overhead lampshade for focused lighting. More to this, an in-wall florescent tube can match well with the bathroom mirror.

Upgrade the Bathroom Window

Choosing the right window treatment for your bathroom can be quite challenging. For example, fabric curtains may not suit a window near the sink or toilet as they would hang over and soak. Additionally, such curtains may not withstand the humidity levels which would affect durability. On the other hand, bathroom blinds can last a lifetime with little maintenance. They come in different colors, sizes, and patterns to match your preference.

Add Shelves

The bathroom has limited space, yet many items need to go in there. From towels to bath soaps, bathroom items need to be well organized and easily accessible. While your cabinet may offer enough storage, you may want to remove clutter and have each item in its defined space. You can add hanging shelves or fix planks over the cabinet for extra storage space. Whether you decide to buy ready ones or choose DIY options, shelves are great storage alternatives to cabinets and drawers.

Improve the Vanity

Are you still keeping your old, 90’s design vanity? As you upgrade the rest of the bathroom, you can update your vanity without necessarily buying a new one. You can paint a different color to improve the appearance. Spray paints are easy to apply and come in a variety of colors and finishes. Additionally, you can use surface stickers to cover the top of your vanity for a different look.

Replace the Medicine Cabinet with a Mirror

Your medicine cabinet could be taking up too much space, and most times very little goes in there. Why not place a large mirror in place of your medicine chest? With the reflections, mirrors tend to make a room bigger than it is. Also, a framed mirror adds style without occupying too much space.

Bathroom improvements can be expensive, but a few additions to the area can improve the space by utilizing readily available materials. Think of your bathroom window, the walls, and the general lighting. Just a little touch on specific areas can bring out a new impression to space.