Eliminating Termites Around the Home

If you notice the floors or walls in the home a bit softer than they should be or if there seems to be a lack of support in the structure of the home, then there is a possibility that you have termites. There are a few different types of termites that pest control companies can treat for and a variety of ways that termites damage the home. As soon as you notice that there might be an issue, it’s important to seek assistance or to use the proper products to get rid of the pests from the home.


A liquid treatment is sometimes the best option for controlling and preventing termites. If there is a nest under the home or inside the walls of the home, then you need to seek help from companies like Superior Solutions Termite and Pest Control Inc. A pest control company has the proper tools to secure the home before using chemicals that will kill the pests. Once the termites are killed, then the company can use other products to prevent them from coming back to the home. Liquids that are used by pest control companies are often safe for the people in the home, as well as pets, but for the products to be sprayed efficiently, you’ll likely be asked to leave the home until the process is complete. It usually takes a day or two for the chemicals to kill the termites. The home will usually be tented so that they don’t escape and come back in the future. There are liquids that you can get at retail or hardware stores to treat termites. These should be used for minimal infestations as they usually aren’t strong enough to handle large swarms.

Bait Systems

Another option that you have is a bait treatment. Bait is placed in areas of the home where termites are suspected or on the ground outside where a termite nest might be located. The bait will attract the termites and kill them when the pests ingest the chemical. A pest control company can place baits around the exterior of the home as well as indoors if there are signs that there are termites inside the walls, insulation or other areas. This is a treatment that works well in eliminating large swarms of termites, especially those that are outside.

Finding A Pest Control Company

Before hiring a pest control company, you should consider the references that are offered. Don’t hire the first company that you have contact with. You want to find a company that will use safe products and that will get the work done as quickly as possible so that your termite problem is handled and eliminated quickly and efficiently. Find out if the company is licensed and how long the business has been providing services. Avoid companies that offer pest control along with other services because they usually won’t spend as much time treating for pests. You should also avoid companies that have special products because they are usually out to get money instead of helping homeowners.