Confused about choosing a good air conditioner? Check out 12 Tips from Experts

Choosing an air conditioner (AC) is not an easy thing for a layman. Because air conditioning has technical specifications that are quite complicated. The air conditioning device will make the room of the house or workplace more comfortable. However, if incorrectly select ac, the cooling function will not be maximal. Here are some tips in choosing the right air conditioner.

1. Choose a Global Ac Specialist Manufacturer

Large-scale air conditioning manufacturers have very strict Quality Control (QC) and Commissioning (COMM). Also, its production is equipped with advanced equipment that is fully executed automatically to ensure product quality. Recently, China is called the world’s factory because more than 80 percent of the world’s air conditioning brands are produced in China. You can find out the best evaporative air conditioner from Vankool and find information about the factory through the internet or see these videos.

2. Choose a Credible Brand

The credibility of a brand can be seen from the level of sales, profitability, assets, and patents the technology has. Brands that have credibility will try to maintain the quality of their products well so that consumers get product quality assurance.

3. Check Label Conformity and Specifications

Sometimes, some brands exaggerate the specifications of their products for promotional needs. Therefore, consumers should carefully look at the specifications offered by an AC product. To ensure an indoor cooling effect, consumers can match the temperature in the remote control and the actual air temperature coming out of the indoor unit. Normally, the difference in temperature in the remote and the air temperature coming out of the indoor unit ranges from 8 degrees Celsius. To check power consumption, consumers can use a power consumption test tool from an air conditioning technician. If the metered power tested is higher than the parameters specified in the specification, this indicates that the AC product has an inappropriate parameter.

4. Select Air Conditioning Equipped with Silencer

Air conditioning equipped with a set of silencers not only reduces noise but also effectively reduces vibration when air conditioning is used. It is very important to maintain the durability of the product. Because vibrations in electrical equipment can make components saggy to cause damage.

5. Choose AC Equipped with Gold fine and Bluefin

Gold fine and bluefin are hydrophilic materials. This component plays a role in distributing water produced by evaporators or condensers and flowing into drainage systems along with hydrophilic aluminum foil. If there are no components of hydrophilic material, large amounts of water droplets left on the fins will affect the heat dissipation of the air conditioner and affect the cooling effect.

Condensers with gold fins have strong anti-corrosion characteristics, greatly increasing the life of the air

conditioner. Materials used in condensers and evaporators can be known by removing the indoor and outdoor ac cover units.

6. Check the AC Warranty Period

Compressors are core parts or can be said to be an air conditioning heart. Compressor repair costs can reach 60 percent of the price of air conditioning. Therefore, it is important to choose air conditioners that are equipped with compressor warranty in a long time.

7. Make Sure Fan Motor Passes International Standard Test

AC outdoor fan the motor is also one of the important parts of air conditioning. If the motor

dies then the outdoor fan will stop working. Therefore, choose ac with the outdoor fan motor

that has passed RoHS, QC PASS, and CCC test. These three certifications are mandatory standards in some countries. The standard is made to strengthen the quality of the product, and standardize the production process with materials that are safe for the environment.

8. Ac with Double Capacitor More Durable

Capacitors play a big role in the working process of indoor and outdoor air conditioning units. If the capacitor is damaged, the outdoor compressor and the fan cannot operate and the air conditioner does not work. Air conditioning with a dual capacitor design makes outdoor compressors and

fans controlled by different capacitors. These two-way controls will make capacitor components

last longer.

9. Choose AC Equipped with a Machine Cover

The part that connects the outdoor air conditioner with the copper pipe is made of the metal structure, and is easily rusted if frequently exposed to rainwater. The protective cover will be very useful to prevent damage to the part.

10. Air conditioning with LED Indicator Panel Easier to Control

THE LED indicator on indoor units makes it easier for room dwellers to control the temperature without having to take an AC remote. Also, the indicator can show errors in the air conditioning system. Also, a modern and elegant panel design can beautify the interior of your room.

11. Anticorruption on indoor units

To make it safer, choose an air conditioner that has a buckle design on its water pipe connection. The buckle design prevents internal engine problems from coming off that cause leaks.

12. Choose air conditioning with the best after-sales service

After-sales service is needed when there are constraints on-air conditioning units. Regarding after-sales service, consumers should understand the duration of the warranty provided. Each brand provides a

different warranty policy, but it would be better to choose an air conditioner with a longer

warranty. Also, understand the coverage of the air conditioning warranty. Some ac brands only provide

spare parts and cover the cost of repair services for free in the first year. Next, they will charge a service fee for repairs in the following year. There are also ac brands that provide a more complete

warranty policy, such as scrapping service and spare parts costs and free freon charging during the warranty period.

Not only warranty, also make sure the brand has a contact that is easy to contact. In some cases, hotlines or contacts from after-sales brand services are difficult to contact, especially on weekends. To assess the performance of an AC brand’s after-sales service, try calling their hotline on the weekend and learning about the service policies they provide.