Adding neutral tones to your room without making it boring

Colours are of three primary types – active colours such as the bright and bold ones, passive colours such as pastels and neutral colours, which are used strategically in home décor. Neutral colours include white, black, grey, cream, brown and any other muted earthy shade which blend in with any style or theme of home décor and provide an excellent background for versatility and changes in trends and preferences over the years. Neutral colours also add a calming vibe to the room. These are a few ways you can add neutral tones to your room, without making it look boring.

Bedsheets: Instead of going for colourful bedsheets with vibrant patterns all over them, you could buy bedsheets online which feature subtle patterns and textures in neutral colours. A jacquard print bedsheet in grey or white, a black or brown bedsheet with shiny stripes in its texture or cream coloured bedsheets with dobby dots or checks could make the room ooze sophistication. You can buy bedsheets online of all these styles and more at SPACES.

Bed Covers: If you like your bedsheets colourful, however, you could choose bed covers which are in warm neutral shades which you lift to reveal your favourite bedsheets underneath. You could find solid coloured bed covers online or you could also find bed covers in Baroque style art where a neutral coloured background helps a grand motif or pattern stand out.

Cushions: You can never have too many neutral coloured cushions in a room. Kantha embroidery cushions in white and off-white lend a lovely old-world feel to your room while a striking contemporary design on a black or grey cushion would make the room look trendy.  SPACES offers an exquisite range of handcrafted cushions form SPUN, an initiative that offers employment to rural women.

Carpets: Neutral coloured carpets exude  elegance even when they feature solid colours with no patterns on them. Neutral coloured carpets online come in various patterns. A carpet in a dark neutral shade which makes the ethnic print on it pop, a carpet in a light neutral shade with an abstract design on it or a simple carpet featuring three to four different neutral shades would make your home look uber-stylish.

Comforters: Neutral coloured comforters add warmth to the room and if you feel a bit plain jane about them, you can always find ones with subtle floral prints or more artistic patterns which are played up against the background. You can buy bed comforters in neutral shades and delicate designs from the Artboard collection or the English cottage collection designed by SPACES.

Curtains: Neutral coloured curtains lend the room a mellow vibe and the sunlight falling on them makes them look beautiful. You can get curtains online in many different varieties. An off-white coloured curtain with a natural sheen about it can look like a shade of ivory while lighter curtains with simple stripes could make the room feel homely.

Give your room an elegant makeover with neutral tones. You can look at a wide variety of neutral coloured bed and bath linen, and home furnishing products at