You probably are thinking about how to get your stuff packed using self-storage unit and still come at an affordable price.

The price for storage rentals are not the same everywhere, they differ from a particular geographical area to another. There is the good news, wherever you are, these tips and tricks provide you with the magic to pay less, earn more and get a quality service.

5 Tricks to Get a Storage Deal

Trick 1 – Deal with New Construction

This trick works all the time if you seek to get a cheap price, try dealing with only newly built storage facilities in Kentucky.

Why does it work all the time? Newly established businesses are always in need of new patronizers. They make use of cheap price to appeal to people to do business with them. They create promo and offer discounts so people can actually patronize them.

If you are looking to get a discount at newly built storage facilities, do check Pikeville Self-Storage, they are new.

Trick 2 – Rent During Slow Season

This is the best period to make a deal with storage facilities in Kentucky. This period is called Slow Season, it usually between fall and winter months.

During this month, many storage facilities are less busy, these provide you with a better opportunity to get a better deal or promotions.

Unlike summer months, storage facilities are less occupied by student or movers looking to get their belongings showed somewhere.

Trick 3 – Carefully Pick your Amenities

This trick requires you to cut off some unnecessary cost. The storage facilities provided your rented unit with different amenities, so careful what you pick.

Amenities like Climate Control can be really expensive, it can increase your monthly rent by about 30 – 50{e0ad613f40df11e3a39b8eea55fd7e0352100d3c262065bbc508b35545cb222e}. So, try picking the exact storage with the only basic requirements your belongings needs.

Also, most people pay more, because they choose the wrong unit size. It’s important that you make adequate inquiries before finally deciding on the storage unit you want to use. It preferable to ask for the facility to be sure.

Trick 4 – Take Advantage Of Discounts

A lot of people currently do not take advantage of the discount storage facilities offers. College students, organizations, military, and seniors are offered discounts.

This discount differs, you can get 10 – 15{e0ad613f40df11e3a39b8eea55fd7e0352100d3c262065bbc508b35545cb222e} on storage monthly rent. You can get free Amazon cards, one month free for a specific group of people.

Trick 5 – Bundle Your Service

This helps save a lot of money, get a storage facility that offers both storage and a moving truck.

Do you have a lot of belongings you want to stow away? Renting a vehicle to help you move all your belongings down to the storage facility can be expensive. So it is wise to get storage facilities that offer Full–service Storage. The facility provides you with a truck to help make the transition.

These services help you avoid the stress of getting a rental truck and actually cutting cost.